A historic marker on the front of this old house hints at the spooky stories inside. Cotton curtains trimmed with black borders frame the window-paneled door, shielding sidelights from view. Seasonal flowers and a pair of howling jack-o’-lanterns distract trick-or-treaters from the spooky hanging mummy head.

An iron garden gate and arbor goes from charming to eerie with a suspicious skeletal host. A sign warns visitors of the graveyard beyond.

A jigsaw cutout of a witch strikes a frightening pose in this front yard. This is one time of year that a leaf-cluttered yard actually adds curb appeal.

An antique upright piano whispers of hair-raising notes. Frightful photos of what seems to be a long-lost caretaker hangs above.

A sideboard showcases a mixture of white serving pieces filled with candies. Have one -- unless the hand gets it first. Don’t forget to watch out for creepy crawlies.

Offer up mischievous party favors such as rolls of colored toilet paper -- served up in the power room of course.

A sideboard wtih spooky branches and a mirror.

A bar with a birdcage and black candles.

Bats in the hallway

Halloween party food table